Where can you set up?
We can set up pretty much anywhere... banquet halls , restaurants, backyards, outdoor festivals, your living room, school gymnasiums, you name it & we've probably setup there already! All we need is a regular dedicated electrical outlet and an 8 foot square space at minimum.
Unlimited Prints?
By unlimited prints we mean: we will print a copy of each photo for everyone in the photo booth. Our equipment uses facial recognition to ensure everyone gets a photo. An additional print is made for the photo album where guests are encouraged to leave a personal message.
Travel outside the CSRA?
We provide free delivery up to 150 miles round trip from our office in Augusta. Outside of our free delivery range, we charge $1.50 mile beyond the 150 mile  round-trip mark from our office based on Google maps. Minimum 3-hour booking for out of range venues.
Set Up Requirements?
A small table (usually available through your venue), a chair and access to a regular dedicated outlet (no other devices connected to the outlet).
Quality of your images?
We use professional grade DSLR cameras with sharp lenses, 160 watt pro-studio strobe lighting + lab quality dye-sub printers. All the photos are printed on the highest quality photo paper. We are proud to produce the highest quality images for you. We usually hear industry professionals say they've never seen photos printed with such high quality like ours. If it's the highest quality photos you're looking for, rest assured no other company comes close.
Pausing the Photo Booth?
We call this “Idle Time” and we provide this service for $49/hour of idle time. This is perfect for situations where guests will not be using the booth for an hour or more. An example would be if you wish to start the booth at cocktail hour and then pause the booth for dinner/speeches (which is perfect because guests would be busy  & not really using the booth at this time) then you can start the booth again in full force right after.
Offer Customized Prints?
We offer fully customized photo strips, we can design the background, style the fonts, add any images / logos / monogram to the printed photo to match your event perfectly. This all comes standard & free with each package. You may opt for a 4-photo layout or 3-photo layout. With a 3-photo layout you will benefit with a larger blank canvas to add a larger message/logo! Please contact us for more questions on this!  (706)941-7330
How much time to setup?
We arrive 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled photo booth start time to setup.
Funny / Themed Props?
Yes we offer funny and/or themed props for your event! All props come with a modernly designed prop trunk & loaded with exciting, hilarious props and very stylish ones We can also gather custom props just to match the theme of your event, please speak with us today and we can get started right away! (706)941-7330